1. Booking: booking is required for the use of microscopes. Internal users should contact Giulia Guarguaglini ( to be added to the google booking system. External users should refer to a contact person (; to check availability of microscopes. Please clearly identify the user and PI when booking a microscope. You can book 1 slot (2 hours. per day, or 1 long term experiment per week). Cancel your booking if you are not going to use your slot, so that microscopes are free for other users. If you are the last user of the day (or if you cancel your slot and it was the last occupied slot of the day) please make sure that the instruments are shut down.
  2. Training: all users require an initial training by Giulia Guarguaglini or Lia Asteriti.
  3. Instructions: specific instructions are available in printed form close to the microscopes, and as files on the Desktops of the microscope-associated computers. Please read them carefully before using the microscopes.
  4. During your session: you are responsible for the general status of the system (functioning, cleaning, replacement/refill of standard items/solutions).
  5. Malfunctions: report any major problem to Giulia Guarguaglini or Lia Asteriti (do not attempt to fix any equipment problems); minor issues should be reported on the writing-book close to the microscope
  6. Data and computers:

    • Save your data temporarily in the directory indicated in the instructions. Clearly label the folders, so that the research group and the specific user can be identified. Do not save on Desktop!
    • Always transfer your data at the end of your working session to your personal computer or external hard disk (be aware that there is no automatic back-up of the computer hard disks). In case of local memory shortage, platform staff will delete data files older than 1 month.
    • Please limit the Internet use on these computers to avoid virus infections. System updates should be approved only by personnel of the platform.
  7. Publications: in all cases (whether a member of the platform has an authorship or not) please acknowledge the use of the platform by including the following statement in the Acknowledgments section "We thank the Nikon Reference Centre at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Pathology (CNR) for support with microscopy experiments".
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