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Visualizing cell dynamics

The IBPM microscopy platform hosts last-generation widefield light microscopy equipment and advanced imaging software for automated image analyses.

It supports versatile applications for both fixed and live cell samples and provides opportunities for coupling dynamic studies (time-lapse recording) with high resolution qualitative and quantitative image analysis.

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  • Time-lapse recording of cellular processes in live cells over days
  • Detecting intracellular molecular interactions
  • Reconstructing cellular and subcellular structures at 3D level
  • Quantitative analysis of imaging data

About us

The Imaging platform was established in 2009 and operates in the Department of Biology and Biotechnology “Charles Darwin” at Sapienza University. We gratefully acknowledge dedicated support from Fondazione Monte Paschi, Fondazione Roma and Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.

Latest News

Grant award from Regione Lazio to develop 3D high-content imaging methodologies

The project “Metodologie innovative di 3D high content imaging per la validazione di nuove molecole antitumorali” coordinated by Dr Francesca Degrassi has been funded by Regione Lazio within the Call “Progetti Gruppi di Ricerca 2020”.

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IBPM Workshop – Artificial intelligence and automation meet cellular imaging in biomedical research

Cellular imaging is undergoing an unprecedented development that has greatly amplified its informative power with the introduction of machine learning, artificial intelligence-based approaches and quantitative data analysis. The workshop has explored the application of these methods in as diverse cell biology fields as cell migration a, morphological reconstruction of subcellular structures, and use of model organism- and cell-based assays in genetic and drug screening.

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  • Francesca Degrassi

  • Giulia Guarguaglini

  • Patrizia Lavia


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