For internal users (IBPM, BBCD):

The use of microscopes is allowed only for certified independent users.

New users will have to participate in a training course (held every four months) on the use of microscopes before they will be allowed to work at the platform. If you are not a certified user and you need to use the microscope, you can do so with the help of another experienced user from your group. Please contact the platform members for information and support on these issues. Alternatively, you can have support from platform members on a collaborative basis.

For external users:

Please contact the platform members to discuss the feasibility of your project. In case of a positive evaluation we will provide support in the design of the experiment, image acquisition and analysis. Users should take care of sample preparation, reagents and microscopy supports (e.g., slides, dishes).

Access is possible Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00.

Users' contribution to the platform costs should be discussed with the platform members.

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